Freshly Frozen Large Stone Crabs

Large Stone Crabs

Freshly Frozen Large Stone Crabs

$39.99 per lb

The best Stone Crabs come from the Florida Keys. Stone crabs are sold by the pound and the large size will give you 4-5 claws to the pound. Pair them with our freshly made mustard sauce. *Mustard sauce sold separately

minimum of 3 lbs

Sold fresh only during Season: October 15 through April 15

**Stock Update**

After May 15th Stone Crab are now quality fresh-frozen! This way we can ensure that you can enjoy stone crab during the summer!


You are looking for a ratio of about one-half cups of salt to one gallon of water. Put the container in your fridge or, if you don’t have room in your fridge, use ice bags to keep it cool. Keep in solution overnight for a fresh, just out of the water, taste!