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over 40 years of quality bait

We Catch It, Produce It, and Ship It

Just Rite Bait has been a producer of high quality fishing baits for over 40 years. We are based out of Key Largo, Florida to insure the freshest bait products. From production to packaging to shipping, Ballyhoo, is Double Rigged using Mustad Hooks and American Wire. They are all natural, chemical free and double sealed.

Just Rite Bait

Our Ballyhoo is Lampared Caught

During production, our Ballyhoo is caught with a Lampared Net and chill killed in a Saltwater Brine. They are then packaged in a climate-controlled room in eco-friendly packaging. The Ballyhoo are then frozen to -20 degrees in less than 20 hours of time of catch in order to preserve freshness.