Safely harbored Since 1972

Key Largo Fisheries Marina is conveniently located 60 miles south of Miami on a protected basin of water known as Lake Largo.


How do you ship?

We ship Monday – Thursday using UPS Next Day. Everything goes out for overnight delivery.

When will I receive my order?

Air and Air Save overnight gets the packages to your door the following day after shipping.

Air Saver : Before 9:00PM

Why is shipping so expensive and do you profit from shipping?

Why is shipping so expensive and do you profit from shipping?
Shipping charges are based on our contract with FedEx/UPS and is a direct pass-through to the FedEx/UPS account/site. We do not profit from FedEx/UPS packaging and oftentimes pay fees over what the customer does with each order.

We previously used ground services for Florida addresses; however, we found that there was little to no protection for the buyer in the event that a package was lost or damaged as FedEx does not cover perishables within their policy. We want to ensure that our customers are covered for all orders!

My Package is delayed by 1 day. Can I still eat my product?

in most cases, absolutely! We pack every box with enough frozen gel packs to last up to 72 hours! This means that if an unforeseen circumstance arises, your seafood will still arrive safe to consume if in transit by an extra day. It is always best to check the temperature once it arrives. Provided it is below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, it is still completely safe to eat!

If I have my own FedEx account can I use it to purchase seafood?

Unfortunately with our volume of shipping we only can ship UPS

Where do you ship to? Do you ship Internationally?

Right now we only ship within the United States –

How do you keep the seafood fresh when shipping?

We use a combination of frozen gel packs and a Styrofoam cooler within a box to keep seafood cold and fresh!

We do not use dry ice, as it has additional drawbacks.

What credit cards do you take?

All major credit cards


Are the fish fresh or frozen?

Unless otherwise stated, our fish is fresh and can be placed in the freezer to enjoy at a later time. Fish can remain frozen between 3-6 months.

Do you remove the bloodline and pin bones from the fish?

Yes, we remove the bloodline and pin bones before shipping fish. Always check before consuming to ensure all bones were cut out.

What type of fish is the "Smoked Fish"?

Our Smoked Fish is comprised of either Wahoo, Mahi, or Amber Jack!

Where are the salmon from? Are they Farm Raised or Wild?

Our Salmon are considered wild/farmed because they grow and thrive in and around the Faroe Islands. Learn More About Faroese Salmon Here!

What fish do you carry that is sushi grade?

Currently, the two types that we carry are Tuna and Cobia.

What different types of Snapper do you carry?

Our most common type of snapper is Yellow Tail and Red Snapper.

We also carry a variety of other snappers such as Mutton, Lane, Mangrove, and Hog Fish.


Are the Lobster Fresh or Frozen?

The lobster is similar to the stone crab in that it is a seasonal item. Lobster season runs from August 6th to March 31st. When we are in season, you can expect to receive fresh lobster. During off season we sell freshly frozen lobster tails.

Is the Lobster cooked or raw?

Unless otherwise stated on the site, the lobster is raw and must be cooked for at least 8 minutes per pound in boiling water.

Are Lobster tails halved or whole?

Fresh & frozen lobster tails will always come whole. Once you receive them you can halve them by carefully using a large knife.

Do you carry Maine Lobster?

We do not sell whole Maine lobster, but you can purchase our “New England Lobster Roll Dinner” that contains 2 lbs. of Maine lobster and more!​


Can the Key Lime Pie be kept frozen?

Yes, the Key Lime Pie can be kept in the freezer and portioned and thawed in individual slices! (Or… you can just eat the whole thing – we won’t tell anyone)

Where are your Oysters from?

Our Oysters are either from the Gulf of Mexico or Mid-Atlantic Coast.


What is the season for Stone Crabs?

The season begins on October 15 and ends on May 1. During the summer months, we offer superior quality Stone Crab Claws, frozen at the peak of freshness!

Are the Stone Crab cooked?

Yes, Stone Crab are cooked as soon as they are taken off of the boats to ensure that the meat does not stick to the shell!

Should I heat my claws or eat them cold?

Stone crab claws are similar to shrimp. Some people prefer them cold and dipped in mustard, while others prefer them heated. If you are going to heat them, a quick dip (no more than a minute) in boiling water will bring them up to temperature!

How do you open Stone Crabs?

There are several options for opening stone crab claws. If you click HERE you will find our stone crab cracker, This is an industrial strength cracker, which assists in opening the toughest shells! This cracker is best used for large quantities of stone crab claws. For smaller amounts you can simply use the handle of a butter knife/MALLET to open. Use this with the same force that one would use to hit a nail with a hammer. Take care to not over crack the claws, as this will cause the shells to become embedded in the claw meat.

For more information here is a video on cracking claws.

How to open a Stone Crab

Are the Stone Crab fresh or frozen?

This answer depends on the time of year that they are purchased. At Key Largo Fisheries, it is our goal to provide the freshest seafood possible. During the off-season, we “Fresh Freeze” the claws after cooking to ensure freshness and preserve the already cooked meat. For thawing instructions, see “How do I thaw frozen Stone Crab claws?”

How do I thaw frozen Stone Crab claws?

Stone crab season ends May 1st, this means our stone crab claws are shipped frozen until the season opens October 15th. To thaw, once your shipment is received, allow the stone crab to sit in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours. Thawing them properly will ensure that the flavor, and texture is preserved. Once thawed, they are ready to be cracked, and enjoyed just like it’s harvesting season!

Salt Water Thawing Brine

You are looking for a ratio of about one-half cups of salt to one gallon of water. Put the container in your fridge or, if you don’t have room in your fridge, use ice bags to keep it cool. Keep solution overnight for a fresh, just out of the water, taste!

How many claws do I get per pound?

This answer depends on the size of the claw.

Medium Claws: 6-8 per pound​
Large Claws: 4-6 per pound​
Jumbo Claws: 3-4 per pound ​
Colossal Claws: 1-2 per pound​

Mega-Colossal Claws: 1 per pound (They are HUGE!)​

Are the Stone Crab scored or pre-cracked?

No. We do not recommend scoring or pre-cracking stone crab claws, as the meat tends to dry out quickly once cracked.

Can I leave my Stone Crab in the shipping box over night once I receive it?

We do not recommend leaving the crab in the box once you receive it. Stone crab claws require open air to maintain freshness. If they are in an enclosed box/bag for over 48 hours the claws will become acidic smelling. We recommend storing the claws in the refrigerator in open air or in the crisper drawer.

How long are the claws good for after I receive the box?

If you place them in the refrigerator after receiving them they will be good for 3-5 days. If they go directly into the freezer, they can be saved for months. Think of them like any other frozen seafood item.


Is the shrimp cooked?

The shrimp is raw Key West Pink shrimp. It is recommended to boil shrimp for at least 2-3 minutes or bake them for 10-15 minutes until they turn pink and the flesh becomes opaque.

What are the different shrimp sizes?

Key West Pink Shrimp: 26/30 Large Have between 26-30 shrimp per pound

Key West Pink Shrimp: 16/20 Jumbo Have between 16-20 shrimp per pound

Key West Pink Shrimp: 10/15 Colossal Have between 10-15 shrimp per pound

Is the shrimp peeled and/or deveined?

The shrimp are headless Key West Pink Shrimp. They are fully shelled and ready to cook or to be peeled and deveined once you receive them!

Are the Scallops from the Sea or Bay?

Unless otherwise stated, our Scallops are considered Sea Scallops. The difference in the two are the size and location for harvesting.

They are also considered to be “Dry” scallops because they have not been treated with STPP (Sodium tripolyphosphate).


Do you carry Blue Crab?

When available, we carry soft-shell blue crab in our market. You can call us for more details (305)451-3782.​


Can the salads (Conch/Ceviche/Smoked Fish Dip) be kept in the freezer?

No, we do not recommend freezing any of the salad products that we have. They have a best-by date stamped on them and should be refrigerated and enjoyed prior to that date.

Can your Soups be kept in the freezer?

Yes! The soups can be stored in the freezer. All thawing directions are located on the side of the soup!

How many servings are in each container of soup?

The soups are 20 oz each. There are 2.5 servings per container.