Safely harbored Since 1972

Key Largo Fisheries Marina is conveniently located 60 miles south of Miami on a protected basin of water known as Lake Largo.

Easy Ocean Access

For both Large and Smaller Vessels

We are located in the center of Key Largo, near mile marker 100, 60 miles from Miami, with restaurants and shopping close by. Key Largo Fisheries Marina is just south of John Pennekamp State Park, where some of the finest diving and fishing take place in the Florida Keys.



Among the Best Marinas in the Florida Keys

Why Choose Our Key Largo Marina

Why UsWe can’t stress enough how much safety is a priority for us here at our Key Largo Marina. Your well-being is just as important as the quality of your vessel, and we wouldn’t like to see either-or get afflicted.

It’s easy to choose a bad marina to dock your vessel at. Such marinas may not be spacious enough for proper docking and/or may not even have the necessary utilities for your vessel. These, plus other factors, can easily dissuade you from wanting to take your vessel to new locations. But if you’ve dealt with such issues at said marinas, we can guarantee you that our Key Largo Marina is unlike any other.

Our Key Largo Marina is optimized for both small and large vessels. Regardless of whatever you have, we feel more than confident that you’ll be able to dock it at our location with no issues at all. More so, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are more than willing to assist you in fulfilling whatever needs you have in regards to docking.

Besides safety and unmatched services being our priority, community is also a very important facet we incorporate at our Key Largo Marina. Boating is a very popular hobby that has an ever-expanding community full of different people. If you’re a boater who’s somewhat new to the Keys, we implore you to come take a visit to our Key Largo Marina and mingle with the interesting and friendly locals here. We believe that a marina should just be more than a place to tie up your boat — it should also be a place to socialize and meet like-minded people.

Amenities Located Close to Our Key Largo Marina

Our Key Largo Marina is located in the very center of Key Largo itself, one of the most popular and beautiful boating cities in the entire Keys. We’re near the Mile Marker 100 and are just 60 miles away from Miami.

Docking your vessel at our Key Largo Marina of course provides you with the opportunity to dine at our cafe. But other than us, our marina is also in close proximity to many other restaurants in the region, each of which offers their own unique set of foods and drinks. Docking at our Key Largo Marina also provides you with the convenience of visiting nearby shopping centers as well as John Pennekamp State Park, where you can experience the finest diving and fishing if boating isn’t enough for you.

Interested in Visiting Our Key Largo Marina?

Feel Free to Contact Us For Availability.

Our Key Largo Marina is open to all interested boaters. We here at Key Largo Fisheries take tremendous pride in empowering and building upon the boating community, which is why we welcome you to bring your vessel to our Key Largo Marina. We feel more than confident that when you choose our location, you’ll realize why residents of Key Largo and beyond find our marina to be the absolute best location for boating enthusiasts. To inquire about availability, you may call us at 1-800-432-4358.