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Big stone crab claw. Stone crab claw size and sizing guide

Stone Crab Claw Sizing Guide

Stone crab claws are one of the absolute greatest seafood delicacies to exist in the modern world. They have a taste and texture that’s similar to lobster. And when you want the best stone crab claws, you can trust that Florida is the hotspot destination. In fact, it’s where most of the commercial harvest for stone crab claws takes place. This is why reputable businesses, such as Key Largo Fisheries, always provide the most exceptional stone crab claws around. So if you’re curious to learn more about how this highly-prized crustacean tastes, don’t hesitate to order your stone crab claws from us. But if you’re unsure which type you should order, continue reading below. We’ve developed a simple guide for newcomers like you to understand what stone crab claw size you should purchase.

What Size Stone Crab Claws Are The Best?

Generally, the short answer is that it all depends on your preference. Stone crab claws come in a variety of different sizes. The stone crab size categories are:

  • – Medium
  • – Large
  • – Jumbo
  • – Colossal
  • – Mega Colossal

So what size stone crab claws are the best? Well, if you happen to a big eater, and are willing to be adventurous, then Mega Colossal seems to be the best stone crab size. They obviously pack the most meat and will for sure appease your craving and hunger for a quality seafood meal. However, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the price as well as where you purchase your stone crab claws. As is the case with many seafood products, the size and abundance of an item will determine its sale price. When you compare the price of a Medium stone crab to that of a Mega Colossal stone crab, you’ll notice that there will be a huge gap in the price – with Mega Colossal being the most costly. So if you’re looking for quality crab meat at a reasonable price, you can always opt-in purchasing Medium stone crab claws.

But if you happen to be really craving Mega Colossal stone crab claws, and are willing to spend the extra money, then go right ahead. Just know, though, that you should be mindful of where you’re getting your stone crab claws. Along with seeking unequal quality, you must also be on the lookout for reasonable and affordable pricing when buying any stone crab claw size.

When you’re looking for good pricing on any stone crab size, we can promise you that Key Largo Fisheries offers the most affordable rates around – with in-person pickup and next day delivery for online orders. And if you’re curious to know exactly how many stone crabs you can receive within each pound of purchase from us, continue reading below.

How Many Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

It’s the first question that pops into many’s heads: “How many stone crab claws in a pound?” And while there’s no set number in each size category, there are rough estimates. Through these rough estimates, consumers such as yourself can easily recognize how much you could possibly receive in your order. At Key Largo Fisheries, we’ve listed the price and claw-to-pound ratio for each stone crab claw size.

How Many Medium Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Our Medium Stone Crab Claws are sold at $27.99 a pound. If you were to place an order for a pound of our Medium Stone Crab Claws, you can receive about 6-7 claws to the pound. And when you receive them, you can also pair them with our freshly made mustard sauce (sold separately).

How Many Large Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Slightly bigger than our Medium Stone Crab Claws, our Large Stone Crab Claws provide more meat to appease your crustaceous cravings. They are sold at $39.99 a pound and they come in at about 4-5 claws to the pound.

How Many Jumbo Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

One of the most popular sizes in stone crab size, and one that’s bought the most here at Key Largo Fisheries; the Jumbo Stone Crab Claws. Our Jumbo Stone Crab Claws are sold at $46.99 a pound. And a pound will provide you with roughly 3 claws.

How Many Colossal Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

As the name itself implies, Colossal Stone Crab Claws are huge. And when you purchase ours, you can receive them at $52.99 a pound. With each pound of a Colossal Stone Crab Claw order, you can get about 1-2 claws.

How Many Mega Colossal Stone Crab Claws in a Pound?

Mega Colossal Stone Crab Claws are the absolute biggest you can get a stone crab claw for. And due to their immense size, you can probably guess that they sell for a pretty good penny. But when you want to get yours for an affordable price, trust no other than Key Largo Fisheries. At Key Largo Fisheries, we sell our Mega Colossal Stone Crab Claws at $59.9 a pound. Each Mega Colossal Stone Crab will be roughly a pound.

Get Your Ideal Stone Crab Claw Size From Key Largo Fisheries Today!

When you’re looking for the best stone crab size sold at an affordable price, look no further than Key Largo Fisheries today. We here at Key Largo Fisheries sell the absolute greatest stone crabs claws around. And other than stone crabs, we also sell a myriad of other seafood products and utensils to help you enjoy the most amazing dining experience ever. For any inquiries, you may call us at 800-432-4358 or visit our contact page.

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