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Florida Lobster

Our frozen Florida lobster tails provide the best lobster meat for sale around. And when you order from us, we can promise you’ll be absolutely satisfied with your purchase. Key Largo Fisheries’s frozen spiny lobster tails for sale are the perfect addition to a seafood dinner night. With our Key Largo, Florida lobster tails you’ll be able to satisfy yourself as well as family members or guests.

When you want a simple lobster tail meal, just split any of our Key Largo frozen lobster tails. Take a pair of culinary scissors and cut down the middle of the lobster tail’s shell. By doing so, you’ll be able to pull out the meat and cook it properly for complete satisfaction. When the lobster meat is pulled out you’ll be able to cook it in a variety of different ways. The meat is firm in texture and sweet to the taste.





Stone Crab






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Why Order Our Florida Lobster

Our Florida Lobsters are of the utmost quality. But more so, they are sold at affordable rates that you can’t find anywhere else. When you browse through our selection of Florida lobsters for sale, you’ll find that we have quite a few selections for you to buy. And you won’t ever have to worry about buying poor quality lobsters from us. This is because Key Largo Fisheries sells fresh lobsters when they’re in season. And even when they’re not in season, we still sell fresh-when-frozen Florida lobster for sale.

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The Beauty of Florida Lobster

Florida lobster is highly recognized for its bland flavor. And though this may sound odd, it’s a seafood enthusiast’s dream as the flavor of Florida lobster can be adjusted with any seasoning or other ingredients they desire.

Florida spiny lobster is important for the entire Sunshine State. And this is mainly due to the fact that these crustaceans are a staple food item for many Floridian seafood cuisines. Numerous restaurants and seafood enthusiasts look to buy Florida spiny lobster from us. Key Largo Fisheries is well-regarded for its high-end specialty seafood products, especially their Florida lobster tails for sale.

So when you’re looking to buy Florida spiny lobster, you can trust that we’re the ideal choice. Our Florida lobster products are perfect for any seafood meal that you’re preparing for family, friends, or even just for yourself.

The Versatility of Florida Lobster

Florida lobster can be prepared in quite a few ways; namely, five different ways: Steam, Grill, Boil, Broil and Baking.

For most Floridians, baking, grilling, and steaming are often the most popular methods. And this is because Florida lobster is able to absorb more flavor through these practices. When grilling, it’s advised that you always remove the meat from its shell and let it rest on top during the cooking process. Likewise, you should also do the same thing as you’re baking your lobster tails. Season them with Cajun spices and we can guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy the best lobster tail around.

By purchasing any one of our Florida lobster products for sale, you’ll be able to create a seafood dining experience unlike any other. And you’ll be able to do it without damaging your funds when you buy from us as Key Largo Fisheries is recognized as the place to buy Florida spiny lobster at quality prices.

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