At Key Largo Fisheries, we’re proud to offer fresh Key West Pink Shrimp, caught in the water of the Florida Keys.

Key West Pink Shrimp

Most people don’t know how much shrimp can differ in taste and quality depending on how they are sourced. At Key Largo Fisheries, we’re proud to offer fresh Key West Pink Shrimp, caught in the water of the Florida Keys. Once you get a taste of our Florida pink shrimp, you’ll be able to tell the difference immediately. Known for their sweet, tender meat, these shrimp reside in the clean coral sand off of the coast of Key West. Where these shrimp live is what makes their taste so unique and desirable. This flavor results in the perfect shrimp to peel and eat, fry, or cook into any dish you can imagine.




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Key Largo Fisheries Key West Pink Shrimp

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One of the most delectable and commonly eaten seafood items that are widely popular in the entire state of Florida is Key West pink shrimp. Nearly every day, Key West shrimp is eaten somewhere and sold at a Florida restaurant. But pink Key West shrimp isn’t only known in the Sunshine State. In fact, about 85% of the pink shrimp that’s harvested in the entire United States comes from Florida. And this is mainly due to the fact of how highly prized Key West pink shrimp is for its sweet and tender meat. Which is why it’s caught year-round, especially during winter months when Key West pink shrimp is at its most abundant.

If you’re one who has never tasted Key West pink shrimp before or is looking to purchase this Florida delicacy at an affordable price, you’ll be more than happy to know that you can buy some from Key Largo Fisheries at competitive market prices.

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Why You Should Buy Key West Pink Shrimp Online From Key Largo Fisheries

Here at Key Largo Fisheries, we make it our goal to provide customers with only the greatest and most high-end products that can’t be found anywhere else. And we do this while also offering clients the most competitive and affordable market prices around. Because of this, you can trust that when you buy Key West pink shrimp for sale from us, you’ll be able to get it at a value that’s unparalleled to any of our competitors.

We take tremendous pride in knowing that we are one of Florida’s most highly prized suppliers of seafood products. Countless restaurant chains and seafood enthusiasts purchase our key West pink shrimp because they acknowledge us as the go-to choice for when they want quality seafood that can’t be found virtually anywhere else.

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy Key West pink shrimp, we’re your answer.

Wild Caught Key West Pink Shrimp

When we say that we care about quality here at Key Largo Fisheries, we mean it.

We understand the issues that can arise from farm-raised seafood products, even if they’re farm-raised in the best settings. Because of this, we offer clients the opportunity to buy wild-caught Key West pink shrimp. Our frozen Key West pink shrimp will satisfy your seafood dining needs and will guarantee that you enjoy the freshest shrimp around!


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