$51.99 per lb

The best Stone Crabs come from the Florida Keys. Stone crabs are sold by the pound and the large size will give you 4-6 claws to the pound. Pair them with our freshly made mustard sauce. *Mustard sauce sold separately

minimum of 3 lbs

Stone Crab Claws have a mild sweet flavor and tender texture. Delivered to you fully cooked and ready to enjoy.  Don’t delay, get cracking!

Fun Facts about our claws!

  • Stone Crabs are wild-caught and cooked as soon as they arrive at the dock.
  • We source the majority of our claws from the waters of coastal Florida.
  • Stone crabs are able to regrow their claws after being removed. This makes it a delicious sustainable food source!


We hope you enjoy these fresh stone crab claws, as they are a treasured staple and delicacy of South Florida. They are fully cooked and chilled ready to enjoy with our signature Mustard Sauce!  You can also sauté’ them in garlic and butter if you like, after you remove them from the shell.

Watch this YouTube video to see how to crack them. You can use the BACK of a large butter knife to hit the claw on a cutting board. Hit the claw 2-3 times with the same motion/force as if you are hammering a nail into wood. And wear an apron!